While You Were Sleeping, Hurricane Gustav is Making his Mark!

Posted On August 27, 2008

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Although it never became a Hurricane, Tropical Storm Fay broke a record by making landfall four times in Florida. While some counties are considered disaster areas here in Florida and still cleaning after Fay…… a much bigger fish – anticipated storm, Hurricane Gustav is being closely watched by the National Hurricane Center in Miami that could possibly reach category 3 and reach the Gulf of Mexico by the end of this week.

After watching and reading news reports there is no storm to be taken likely. Who would have thought that Fay would have such an impact here in Florida? This goes to show that every measure and precaution must be taken serious in order to survive this Hurricane season. Polk County Emergency Management provided this map of Polk County that outlines various shelters throughout Polk County along with important information you should know when a hurricane approaches. You can pick up valuable brochure by visiting your local Publix store.












Have you taken the necessary preparation yet?

Do you know where your nearest shelter is?

Polk County has a total of 44 shelters available

Did you think of your pets?

There are three pet friendly shelters – your pets should be current on their shots in order to stay at the shelter

Do you have special needs?

There are three special needs shelters in Polk County

Do you have 3-Day Survival Kit?

Do you know all the important Telephone Numbers?

Polk County’s Emergency Management Office Telephone number is (863) 534-5600. 


Stay safe during this hurricane season and seek shelter should you have to evacuate. Do not proceed to any shelter until you have confirmed that it is open and operating. For shelter information, stay tuned to your local radio and television stations.




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While You Were Sleeping, Hurricane Gustav is Making his Mark!

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