ALDI Grand Opening in Lakeland Florida, Shopping Groceries – German Style

Driving north on Highway 98, located next to the restaurant Golden Corral I’m sure you noticed– there is a new kid in town.

ALDI – Are you wondering where the name originated? AL=Albrecht DI=Discount.

Here is a little history of the retail store ALDI for you. Brothers Theodore and Karl Albrecht took over their mother’s modest store at the end of WWII, creating ALDI what is thought to be the original discount store in Germany. Since 1975, ALDI South expanded to the United States and now we have the pleasure to welcome ALDI to Lakeland, Florida on September 25, 2008.


A typical ALDI store in northern part of Germany


Are you ready to shop German Style?

I remember when I grew up in Germany, my mom send me off with my grocery bag to the store to get items like sugar, milk, jam, and coffee at the local discount store. My parents never bought brand name items, always buying the store’s own name brands because there was considerable savings compared to other traditional stores and the quality of the products were just as equal. Grocery shopping in Germany is very different. German folks go grocery shopping almost on a daily basis by taking along shopping bags saving every cent there is to save by these straightforward grocery chains.

The store embraces a no-frills attitude here in Lakeland. There will be nobody bagging your groceries at check out, shopping carts are rentals and can only be accessed and operated when you deposit a Quarter (25-cent) in the cart’s lock. Most of ALDI’s products about 95% are made up of their own private label brands, which is why they are called a discount store with prices at its lowest – “Shop Smart Florida”. Products are presented efficiently on self-displaying cases on pallets or shipping crates keeping labor costs down. ALDI’s products have multiple UPC bar codes scanning dependable from every direction, so the cashier does not have to search for the code, which speeds up the process at check out.

Here is my recommendation. Before leaving your home, put a plastic or heavy duty box with handle in the trunk of the car. After you complete your shopping, all you have to do is put your groceries in the box you took with and bring them right into your house to put away. Saving on plastic bags, money, and helping the environment.

ALDI is located at 4745 US 98 Hwy N. – The store hours are Mon-Sat 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Sundays 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


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 ALDI Grand Opening in Lakeland Florida, Shopping Groceries – German Style
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