5 DIY Projects for Every Room in Your Carillon Lakes Community Home

5 DIY Projects for Every Room in Your Carillon Lakes Community Home

Redecorating your house in Carillon Lakes community may be expensive considering the cost of hiring an interior designer and the materials needed for a great makeover. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas and projects you can do on your own without spending too much. One good thing about DIY projects is that you can create and design something personal while having fun. Check out these 5 DIY projects you can try:

Spruce up each of the rooms in your Carillon Lakes Community home for sale with these awesome tips.

Living room:
Arrange picture frames to make a personalized clock. If you have picture frames and you are not sure how to organize them, try hanging them on your wall in such a way that they resemble the numbers of a clock then use the hands and machine of your old clock and place it on the center. It is a creative way to display those photos of you and your family.

Fireplace area:
Design candle holders. There a lot of candle holders sold from stores and they are just too plain. One thing you can do is to decorate it with things you can easily find at home, like twigs. All you have to do is cut it into pieces, just a little longer than the height of your candle holders. Then attach it around the glass with the use of a glue gun. The twigs’ uneven structure will allow some light to pass once the candle inside have been lit up.

Laundry room:
Give your laundry basket a new look by using colorful ropes. You can easily attach different colors of ropes around plastic laundry baskets using a glue gun. Mix and match the colors of the rope according to your preference.

Mason jars can help you reduce the clutter on your bathroom sink. Simply clamp up some mason jars horizontally on a piece of wood then anchor it to your bathroom wall, near the sink. Before listing your home for sale in Carillon Lakes community, you might want to try this artistic and very useful project.

Some potential buyers of Carillon Lakes community homes for sale are sometimes looking for something special in a house. Add some uniqueness into your bedroom by mounting your mirror into wooden frames. After that, you can paint the wood frame with different designs you want.

There’s no need to spend so much money just to give your home a fresh new look. Enjoy making these DIY projects with family and friends. For more helpful decorating tips on a budget, visit http://www.LakelandFloridaLiving.com.

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