Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Carillon Lakes Community Homeowners

Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Carillon Lakes Community Homeowners

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays to be celebrated in Carillon Lakes community homes and all over the country. While some people host elaborate dinners and parties at their homes, others take this time to travel to their hometowns, visiting relatives and friends. So whether you’re staying at home hosting a dinner or you’ll be heading off to a long weekend getaway, here are some fire safety tips to keep you sane:

Celebrate a safe Thanksgiving holiday in your Carillon Lakes community with these accident prevention tips.

While at home –

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving is the leading day for fires due to home-cooking. If you will be preparing a sumptuous feast for the whole family, you must be very careful about the fire hazards in and around the kitchen. As a precaution, install smoke alarms near the kitchen and on every room of the home. If you already have them installed, make sure to double check that these are working, and always remember to replace the batteries at least once every year. Also, remove fire hazards such as wooden ladles, oven mitts, or kitchen towels near the stove. It also helps that you have and are actually familiar with using a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies. Don’t forget to let everyone in the house know what to do in case of a fire at home. Never use water to put out fire on the stove. It can only cause the fire to flare up and spread even faster. If you’ll be using candles for decoration, don’t leave these burning unattended and nearby fire hazards.

When travelling –

One of the problems faced by homeowners is the security of the Carillon Lakes community home. Fortunately, we have technology that can help ward off and even catch home burglars if and when they attempt to rob the home. Install a complete home security system that allow for mobile- and web-based monitoring sop you can be at peace knowing exactly how your home is wherever you may be. You can also set the lights on timers to help ward off intruders. If you’ll be gone for weeks, ask a neighbor to pick up your mail for you or just simply stop delivery. Plus, don’t forget to lock all doors, windows, and other entry points of your home. Ask a trusted neighbor to keep a copy of your spare key in case of emergencies, and not leave it under the mat or in a potted plant because these are the exact places where burglars will look for them.

Make you and your family’s safety a priority. Keep in mind all these safety tips so you can truly enjoy a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, whether it be out of town or in your Carillon Lakes community house. For even more holiday safety tips for smart homeowners, visit

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