The Latest in Lakeland Real Estate News

The Latest in Lakeland Real Estate News


The housing market suffered a few years ago but it seems like things are looking up especially when it comes to Lakeland 55+ communities real estate. It’s always good to stay updated with the latest news in the area whether you’re looking into buying new property or selling. Read on about the latest in the Lakeland Fl real estate market.

Stay updated with the latest real estate news in Lakeland FL area.

The “Boomerang Buyers”

Because of the “fall” of the real estate market a few years back, many have lost their homes. After years of saving up and rebuilding credit, the market is ready to welcome them back. These are the “boomerang buyers” who had to go through short sales and foreclosures during the housing market crash. Now that they are back on their feet, mortgage loans are within their reach. As the real estate market gradually improves, more and more boomerang buyers will be actively buying in the near future.

Affordable Housing

Your Lakeland FL real estate broker might have already told you that Lakeland has been known as one of the most affordable places to buy a home. If you’re looking for a place that thrives on business and agriculture, this is the place to be. It’s a working class community. The weather is always sunny and the outdoors are just awesome with great farms and countryside areas to visit.

Growing industries

Ask your Lakeland 55+ communities real estate broker all about the growing industries in town and you’ll be surprised at how there have been amazing developments in the area. Lakeland is such a great location that businesses are setting up shop here. There’s Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Atlanta. The market never looked this good and businesses are just as excited to be in Lakeland.

There’s plenty more to discover around Lakeland 55+ communities real estate. Don’t miss out on the latest happenings by visiting today for more updates

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