How to Host a Carillon Lakes Community Open House

How to Host a Carillon Lakes Community Open House

How hard is it exactly to host an open house for Carillon Lakes community homes for sale? Put up some signs at street corners, bake a batch of fresh cookies in the oven, add a vase of fresh flowers, then sit back, relax, and wait for your throngs of people to come in. That’s all there is to hosting a successful open house, right?

Here are helpful tips on how to host a successful open house.

Unfortunately, it isn’t.

While it is important to place directional signs and making sure that the house smells good, there are a lot more things that sellers and Realtors® need to do in preparation for an open house. As an important aspect of home selling, hosting an open house requires a time, energy, and resources that sellers should be able to fulfill. From the moment you decide to host one until the very last potential buyer leaves the home and closes the door, both seller and Realtor® should be aware of what to do before they open the house to the public. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through this event:

You don’t exist in the mind of the buyer.

The focus of an open house should be the home, not the seller. To ensure that they don’t shift the focus from home to you, don’t be at the open house. Let your Realtor® do the talking for you. They will be more capable of handling situations wherein buyers point out things they don’t like in the house for sale in Carillon Lakes community. In addition, all of your personal belongings such as family photos, posters, toy collection, and more should be hidden from sight. You don’t want potential buyers to see your travel photos and talk about you and all the places you’ve been to instead of admiring the freshly-painted walls in the living room, do you?

Consider hiring a cleaning service and professional stager.

Nobody likes looking at a dirty place, much more living in it. The open house is a way for buyers to see themselves living in the home so to ensure that they are focused on its beauty, hire a cleaning service to remove all clutter and give all faucets and bathroom tiles a good scrubbing. To further help buyers in picturing themselves living in the home, consider hiring a professional stager to help beautify the space. These experts work on making the home more attractive to potential buyers. They make sure that all the broken things are fixed, they add a fresh coat of paint, and they arrange or add furniture to brighten your home. Some stagers also improve your home’s curb appeal, which is very important since buyers can immediately get turned off and turn away from a home for sale in Carillon Lakes community with a sad-looking front yard.

Market to your target audience.

While an open house is a form of marketing your home for sale, hosting an open house requires its own set of marketing techniques. Directional signs on street corners and posters or flyers are not enough anymore. Nowadays, buyers start their search online. As such, sellers and Realtors® need to be able to reach this online market and bring them together to attend a scheduled open house. Share your listings on real estate websites, on blogs, or on your social media channels.

It’s not easy selling a home and it can be challenging to host an open house successfully but by following these simple tips, you’ll soon find yourself with a couple or so offers in a few weeks’ time. For even more home selling tips, visit

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