Twitter Local – Lakeland Florida Tweetup Meet

Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon and join Twitter – a social networking phenomenon start making its presence known here in Lakeland, Florida.

How did I found out about Tweetup meet? Twitter – Chuck Welch sent out a tweet and wrote a blog about this meeting. The day of the meeting I noticed that there was also an article in the local newspaper.

Twitter is the news of the future – When US Airways flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River – An eye witness broke the news first on Twitter before this “Miracle on the Hudson” was reported on our major news network stations.

Granted, we’re not the folks in Silicon Valley where Twitter predominantly rules the social media micro blogging…. but we sure were a fine group of about 30 people attending the local “Tweetup Meet” at the Black & Brew in Lakeland. Organized by a local blogger group in Lakeland Florida, Chuck Welch, who by the way creates the local maps included in my market reports, organized and spearheaded this great meeting. People from a variety background such as, news reporters, freelance writers and bloggers, social media marketing experts, clergy, fellow Active Rainer’s and business entrepreneurs spent a couple of hours to discuss, share Twitter.

After introducing ourselves, we shared with each other the reasons why we are on Twitter, our experiences – one Twitter user expressed that since she has been blogging and tweeting, her business took off tremendously. We shared the various applications Twitter offers and our recommendations and vowed to do a “Tweetup meet” again in the near future.

Chuck Welch greets everyone and explains how Twitter works – you can follow him at @chuckwelch

Local bloggers, freelance writers, listening to Chuck Welch’s recommendations

Great discussion and information from local Twitter users

Is there a local Twitter group or people you would like follow and meet or organize a Tweetup meet?

Finally if you have not followed me yet on Twitter, feel free to follow @petranorris

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Twitter Local – Lakeland Florida Tweetup Meet

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Lakeland Homes… Homes… Homes… Are you paralyzed with Choices?

Neighborhoods are packed with properties available for sale. With over 2,300 homes currently on the market in Lakeland, Florida; homeowners facing foreclosure, job losses, job transfers or sellers anxious to move on are tired listening to the news reports of waiting for an economic recovery.

With mortgage rates at an all time low and buyers having such a plethora of choices is such a blessing to many folks, who can afford their dream home for the very first time. However, with so many options to choose from can also result to apprehension not buying at all for people, who have difficulties in making a decision. Recently, my husband and I were faced with a decision of buying a new television. While visiting an electronic store looking at the great wall of the many television choices, needles to say we were mystified on which television set to buy.

I have observed in over 10 years of Real Estate experience selling homes those buyers who define their search criteria careful versus those buyers who visit the homes simply by price making the better choices in a short amount of time. Cover the basics and pre-screen on the basis of square footage – it’s that simple.


You decided on the neighborhood of your choice, I suggest you sort on the basis of square footage in that price per square foot is still a very important factor. Let’s take a look at the two homes on the same street in the same neighborhood.

The house on 6935 Hazeltine Circle is listed for $193,000.00 versus the house on 6926 Hazeltine Circle at $229,000 – a price difference of $36,000.00

6935 Hazeltine Circle measures 1,372 square feet – $140.67 per square foot

6926 Hazeltine Circle measures 1,814 square feet – $126.24 per square foot








Buyers find it very interesting and surprising to see that smaller homes could cost sometimes more per square foot than a midsized properties in the same neighborhood, which should be worth more.

If for any reason the square footage is not shown in Multiple Listing Service, ask your Lakeland Realtor® to pre-screen the home and obtain the information for you.

A useful online tool to locate homes within the environment of their neighborhood is Google Maps; satellite images and bird’s eye view to identify the location of a property on a busy street or a quiet cul-de-sac should make your home-buying decision easier. Take a look at this screen shot below of Huntington Golf & Country Club located in Lakeland, Florida.


More tips on defining home search for those planning to purchase a Lakeland home in a saturated market:

  • Bathroom count is an important fact to include in home search
  • Structurally sound and energy efficient systems
  • Floor plans

More importantly and especially for first time homebuyers who are overwhelmed with the choices can be un-paralyzed by hiring an experienced Lakeland Real Estate Agent.






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Lakeland Homes… Homes… Homes… Are you paralyzed with Choices? 

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Tips on handling “House Karma” in Today’s Lakeland Florida Real Estate Market


Has your home been on the market in Lakeland for a long period of time? I’m sure it is not easy for you worrying about the sale of your home with the housing market in turmoil and the crisis in the economy. How do you handle the “house karma” – a term that real estate agents use widely – anxiety about selling your home?

With mortgage rates at an all time low, home prices at their lowest reaching folks who are still looking over the fence and plenty of homes on the market, I’m very optimistic that the year 2009 will improve as the year progresses. Homeowners who price their home realistically will be at ease managing to sell.

Let me give you some suggestions for “house karma” – selling anxiety.

Count to ten…… this may help but honestly surrounding yourself with an experienced real estate agent who is calm and collected, who can handle stress very well and has been there, hence gone through past recession is by far the best suggestion to alleviate stress and greatly improve your chances of a smooth sale in Lakeland. Real Estate Agents, whose income depend solely on commissions from selling your home are as equally stressed as the property owner who is trying to sell the home. This can only sum up to more stress which amounts to an unsuccessful sale.

Exercise regularly is a great stress reliever – a great workout constitutes to optimism and positive attitude.

Harmony within the household – aim for a sense of normalcy, allowing children their playtime as long as they agree to put their toys back before a showing.

Disappear for showings – homeowners still believe that being present at the time of showing could be positive knowing all the ins’ and outs’ of the home. However, prospective buyers mostly feel uncomfortable and nervous when the seller is present, making it hard for them to imagine the home as their own. Consider visiting friends or go watch a movie at the theater to relief anxiety.

Leave for a weekend getaway – getting out of town works wonders and is an excellent stress reliever when selling your home. You don’t have to take your property off the market while you are taking a break. In this day and age where cell phones, emails and texting are as common as food, a skilled listing agents should have no reason they can’t reach you promptly to keep the communication line open and discuss offers coming in while you’re away.



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Tips on handling “House Karma” in Today’s Lakeland Florida Real Estate Market 

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Simplify your Blog using Microsoft Word 2007


Blogging is fun on Active Rain and for me sometimes somewhat time consuming if you are blogging at different portals such as WordPress, TypePad, or Blogger. I use Microsoft Office, especially Microsoft Word for all my writing needs. Usually, after I finished writing my blog in Microsoft Word, I copy and paste it to Active Rain, insert the graphics and off it goes to be published on Active Rain and my Outside Blog.


Did you ever heard of the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one nest?” I have more than one blog; besides my Active Rain Blog and my Outside Blog, I use the free WordPress platform for my other blog that is linked with my web site. Recently, I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and noticed in the Word program there is an option to write a Blog Post using the features that Microsoft Word 2007 offers, such as linking to a web site, insert pictures, and text wrapping just to name a few.


So how can you simplify your Blog without doing it twice? For the sake of this post, I will set up an account with WordPress. Open up Microsoft Word 2007 and click on new blog post. After you have finished writing your blog and included the graphics you want, you must set up a blog account with Microsoft by choosing WordPress as your blog provider. In the blog post URL, you would include your URL, for example: Type in your user name and password you’ve set up with WordPress. The “Help me fill out this section” link will also guide you through this process very easily. For picture option, I used “My Blog Provider” and it worked perfectly with WordPress when I went to publish my last post.


Click “Publish” or “Publish as Draft! You would want to go and check out your blog you published through Microsoft Word 2007 to make sure everything is the way you want the blog to appear. Make your adjustments if necessary and add your tag lines and you are done.




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Simplify your Blog using Microsoft Word 2007

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