Twitter Local – Lakeland Florida Tweetup Meet

Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon and join Twitter – a social networking phenomenon start making its presence known here in Lakeland, Florida.

How did I found out about Tweetup meet? Twitter – Chuck Welch sent out a tweet and wrote a blog about this meeting. The day of the meeting I noticed that there was also an article in the local newspaper.

Twitter is the news of the future – When US Airways flight 1549 crashed into the Hudson River – An eye witness broke the news first on Twitter before this “Miracle on the Hudson” was reported on our major news network stations.

Granted, we’re not the folks in Silicon Valley where Twitter predominantly rules the social media micro blogging…. but we sure were a fine group of about 30 people attending the local “Tweetup Meet” at the Black & Brew in Lakeland. Organized by a local blogger group in Lakeland Florida, Chuck Welch, who by the way creates the local maps included in my market reports, organized and spearheaded this great meeting. People from a variety background such as, news reporters, freelance writers and bloggers, social media marketing experts, clergy, fellow Active Rainer’s and business entrepreneurs spent a couple of hours to discuss, share Twitter.

After introducing ourselves, we shared with each other the reasons why we are on Twitter, our experiences – one Twitter user expressed that since she has been blogging and tweeting, her business took off tremendously. We shared the various applications Twitter offers and our recommendations and vowed to do a “Tweetup meet” again in the near future.

Chuck Welch greets everyone and explains how Twitter works – you can follow him at @chuckwelch

Local bloggers, freelance writers, listening to Chuck Welch’s recommendations

Great discussion and information from local Twitter users

Is there a local Twitter group or people you would like follow and meet or organize a Tweetup meet?

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Twitter Local – Lakeland Florida Tweetup Meet

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