Lakeland Homes… Homes… Homes… Are you paralyzed with Choices?

Neighborhoods are packed with properties available for sale. With over 2,300 homes currently on the market in Lakeland, Florida; homeowners facing foreclosure, job losses, job transfers or sellers anxious to move on are tired listening to the news reports of waiting for an economic recovery.

With mortgage rates at an all time low and buyers having such a plethora of choices is such a blessing to many folks, who can afford their dream home for the very first time. However, with so many options to choose from can also result to apprehension not buying at all for people, who have difficulties in making a decision. Recently, my husband and I were faced with a decision of buying a new television. While visiting an electronic store looking at the great wall of the many television choices, needles to say we were mystified on which television set to buy.

I have observed in over 10 years of Real Estate experience selling homes those buyers who define their search criteria careful versus those buyers who visit the homes simply by price making the better choices in a short amount of time. Cover the basics and pre-screen on the basis of square footage – it’s that simple.


You decided on the neighborhood of your choice, I suggest you sort on the basis of square footage in that price per square foot is still a very important factor. Let’s take a look at the two homes on the same street in the same neighborhood.

The house on 6935 Hazeltine Circle is listed for $193,000.00 versus the house on 6926 Hazeltine Circle at $229,000 – a price difference of $36,000.00

6935 Hazeltine Circle measures 1,372 square feet – $140.67 per square foot

6926 Hazeltine Circle measures 1,814 square feet – $126.24 per square foot








Buyers find it very interesting and surprising to see that smaller homes could cost sometimes more per square foot than a midsized properties in the same neighborhood, which should be worth more.

If for any reason the square footage is not shown in Multiple Listing Service, ask your Lakeland Realtor® to pre-screen the home and obtain the information for you.

A useful online tool to locate homes within the environment of their neighborhood is Google Maps; satellite images and bird’s eye view to identify the location of a property on a busy street or a quiet cul-de-sac should make your home-buying decision easier. Take a look at this screen shot below of Huntington Golf & Country Club located in Lakeland, Florida.


More tips on defining home search for those planning to purchase a Lakeland home in a saturated market:

  • Bathroom count is an important fact to include in home search
  • Structurally sound and energy efficient systems
  • Floor plans

More importantly and especially for first time homebuyers who are overwhelmed with the choices can be un-paralyzed by hiring an experienced Lakeland Real Estate Agent.






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Lakeland Homes… Homes… Homes… Are you paralyzed with Choices? 

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Fear is a Powerful Force when Buying a Home in Lakeland Florida

In one of my previous blogs, I have written about setting priorities when it comes to home buying here in Lakeland, Florida. I have been working with a young family looking for a home. I’ve shown them numerous homes that were within their price range and style; recognizing that it would be an opportune time to buy. Buying a home is not my decision to make and I will pressure nobody to buy any particular home at any price I show; however, I’m here to counsel my buyers about pricing, location and the potential ability the property may or may not have. Still, the young family is torn in their decision to buy a home and have yet to make a serious offer.

Buyers search endless hours on the internet for their dream home at a bargain price. When they do find their dream home they become very exuberant about buying their home signing the purchase contract only to rescind the next day because of fear. Given the economic crisis, job security, high gas prices, and turmoil on Wall Street – these are all contributing factor causing insomnia to many confident home buyers.

For real estate professionals, it is intricate to estimate home values today, it is even more complicated to predict the value of real estate in the future. Nevertheless, buyers who purchase their homes at rock bottom price in well established communities will see their homes appreciate over time. This simple statement by Warren Buffett applies not only in the stock market; it also applies in the real estate market: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.” In today’s Buyers Market – bad news is good news; it lets you buy a slice of America’s dream at a much discounted price.

If you are seriously considering buying a home, let me give you a few suggestions:

  • Purchase your home with your eyes wide open, ignoring the negative atmosphere of news reports.
  • Obtain every solid piece of information about your next home, your neighborhood, your community.
  • Re-examine you reasoning in purchasing your home.
  • Delaying a home purchase due to instability in the housing market could mean lost opportunity for you.
  • Don’t let the abundance of inventory find yourself confused by an array of choices – hire an experienced Realtor® that can help you clarify your choices and bring it back into your perspective.
  • More importantly now for you is to hire a strong local mortgage lender, who will work with you to obtain all necessary documents to get a loan approval to be a strong buyer.

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Fear is a Powerful Force when Buying a Home in Lakeland Florida

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A Crucial Home Buying Tip – Setting Priorities to Buy a Home in Lakeland Florida

A Crucial Home Buying Tip – Setting Priorities to Buy a Home in Lakeland Florida


Now that you’ve done your homework, you’ve got your financing in order and have been preapproved for a mortgage loan. Now, let’s have some fun finding a new home for you.


Do you have your priorities set to buy a home in Lakeland? Home buying is a very emotional time, especially if it’s your first time. Emotions can make you blind and can be a barrier in your home search, so don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Just because the home you are considering has a gorgeous bathroom, however you forget that the living room is too small for the size of your family. Never judge a house by how the current home owner has decorated, since the decoration will most likely vanish when the seller leaves. You would want to make a list of your wants and needs? Needs are those things that you can’t live without and should be very basic and wants are the things you would like to have but you can do without.

Reflect on the basics:

Number and size of the rooms – Is your family growing, do your furniture fit in the bedrooms? Garage size -Depending on how many cars you own and since we don’t have basement in Florida, is the garage large enough for additional storage?

One-story or two-story layout – Bedrooms located all on the same floor. Master suite or a laundry room on the first floor or second floor? Split level floor plan where the Master Bedroom is located on the opposite end of the other bedrooms.

What about the yard? Is the yard large enough for your children or pets to play? Does privacy play an important role in choosing a home? Do you have time or the aspiration to maintain the lawn and flowers?

Location, Location, Location… – Checking out the neighborhood on all sides of the property and the vicinity for traffic, busy street, noise, potential danger to children is valuable to your home purchase.

The checklist can be endless and it really would be impossible to provide such a list. It is so important to determine what you like and dislike about your current living condition. While it is important to consider the aesthetics of a property, consider that much of what you see can be changed.

Reality check for first-time home buyers

Real estate agents have a reason for the term “starter home.” First-time home buyers rarely have the funds or fortune to get everything they want in their first home. You want to make sure that your basic needs are covered and later add the wants when the funds are available. With home prices dropping like hot cakes and foreclosed homes, you also want to be cautious when you take on a home that requires repairs upfront – can you handle more work than what you bargained for?

Setting your priorities first before buying a home in Lakeland is the key to have a smooth home purchase.


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A Crucial Home Buying Tip – Setting Priorities to Buy a Home in Lakeland Florida

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Home Buying and Satisfied Clients – Video Testimonial

Recently, I had the privillege to show a couple from Maine one of my listing. After the showing, I senced that they were not sold on my listing, although it was in their price range and the home was well maintained. It was not what they were looking for, mainly because of the layout of the home. So I kindly ask them if I could send them other listings in the price range. They said, sure why not – it beats driving around and not knowing where to go. I immediately sent them listings via email that was in their price range in Lakeland and Winter Haven area. Since their lease expired on May 1st, they needed to find a home real soon.

After narrowing down a list of possible listings, I made appoinments for showings at various location in Lakeland and Winter Haven, however, nothing that they were happy with. After a few days, we found a home that was located in Winter Haven in an over 55 community. They liked the area and the price range of the homes within this community.

The seller accepted our offer and after inspections, we closed at the end of April. The seller was happy because they wanted to move out by May 1st and my buyers were happy because the offer was accepted without counter and they were able to move in on May 1st.

Check out their video testimonial – unrehearsed!


Folks, if you are in the market to buy or sell in Lakeland and the surrounding cities, such as Winter Haven, Auburndale, Bartow, Mulberry and Polk City, give me a call. I’ll always do my best to serve my customers and clients. Click here to search for homes in Central Florida!| All Rights Reserved

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Satisfied Clients – Video Testimonial

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