The Price Is Right!

The Price Is RightThe article ” In Downer Market, Home-Selling Savvy Is Needed” in The Ledger from Jonathan Clements, who writes for the Wall Street Journal, inspired me to write about to Price It Right. First of all, before you are thinking about putting a price tag on your house, make sure your house is in tip top shape so you can get the most dollars for your priced possession. Do your research of homes that are For Sale in your neighborhood. Please keep in mind that tiles, paint, or laminate flooring in your house is not an upgrade – it is simply upkeep.  I also recommend doing your research on homes that were sold within the last 6-12 months.

I’m sure you can call a real estate agent and ask for their help and honest opinion, because that is what we here for to serve the public – at least I am, if you want my assistance.

Researching and pricing the home right is very tedious and time consuming because you would have to factor in several items, i.e. square feet, pool, fireplace, garage, etc. You get the point!

Put yourself in the buyer shoes and ask – would I want to buy this house for that price? Or have your friend look at your house and ask the same question – would you buy my house for that price? 

RealtorFolks, hiring a Realtor® would be the obvious choice – don’t you agree? He or she has the resources and experience selling homes. In addition, Realtors® sell homes every day and are not personally attached to the home as you are.

Folks, bottom line is that in today’s sluggish economy make sure your house is priced right, even if it means pricing the home 10-20% below comparable homes within your neighborhood. The longer you have your house on the market, the more it will cost you – financially and psychologically.

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